Biyernes, Hunyo 15, 2012

The Far East Ticking Time Bomb

  Just as America’s latest breed of super jet fighters are being reigned in due to a mystery safety problem, a new Pentagon report released today notes that China’s own version of a next-generation fighter appears to be designed to have similar capabilities.
“The January 2011 flight test of China’s next-generation fighter prototype, the J-20, highlights China’s ambition to produce a fighter aircraft that incorporates stealth attributes, advanced avionics, and super-cruise engines,” said the Pentagon’s 2012 annual assessment of the Chinese military.
The report comes a month after a second prototype of the J-2o was reportedly spotted rolling around a Chinese airfield, more than a year and a half since China’s only other known prototype made its first public flight.
The three attributes described by the Pentagon are among the advanced capabilities of the F-22 Raptor, the stealth fighter jet billed by the U.S. Air Force and its manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, as the most sophisticated fighter on the planet. But currently the entire fleet of F-22s, which cost the U.S. government an estimated $79 billion, has been slapped with strict flight restrictions due to safety concerns for pilots.
The restrictions, which keep the planes in close proximity to potential landing strips in case of a mid-air emergency, were announced two weeks after an ABC News “Nightline” investigation found that the advanced $420 million-a-pop fighter jets have been plagued by a rare but potentially deadly oxygen problem for years. Despite multiple investigations including a four-month full-fleet grounding last year, the Air Force has been unable to pinpoint the cause. (   
       We all know that the Pentagon's priority is to protect the Philippine proximity, but that's not the reel deal, The Pentagon is alarmed for the China's rising military force. The possibility to conquer the entire Southeast Asia, the American Allies including the Philippines. The United States learned everything about their tragic history including the falling of Pearl Harbor way back 1940 which was invades by the Japanese forces. but there's another  theory, - that the North Korea and Pakistan's sync with China which is 10 times more tragic than Pearl Harbor Invasion, if these nations will spark an another war. Many consequences are already on the lists if the Chinese forces continue to make a move towards the Philippine islands, these consequences are already happened a few weeks ago after China rejected the Philippine exports, and restricted flights to Manila.

“There really is a depletion of fish," said Bitana. "It's getting scarcer. That's also one thing that makes us feel bad, that fishing is banned in there but why are the Chinese still fishing there?  Why is it that we Filipinos are not allowed to even go there?”
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​​Meanwhile, declining fish stocks around Hong Kong waters have forced fishermen there to venture further into disputed territories, risking conflict and confrontation.
Pang Wah-kan is Chairman of the Joint Committee of Hong Kong Fishermen’s organizations.  

“We started fishing in the South China Sea in the 1960s," said  From then on, several cases are reported that Filipino authorities detained our fishermen and ships and fined them.  Some were detained and even confiscated by Malaysian authorities as well.”
The stand-off started in April when a Philippines Navy ship tried to arrest Chinese fishermen for allegedly harvesting endangered species of sharks and coral.
Chinese surveillance boats intervened and the two sides have since engaged in a war of words.

Nestor Daet is head of a Masinloc fishermen’s watch group that monitors for illegal fishing.  
“I think our government sent about two ships, four? And the other are Philippines coast guard, I think," said Daet. "But, compared to the Naval ships of Chinese we are no match. It's like David and Goliath.”

Fishermen on both sides say their governments need to come to an agreement so they can all make a living.  
“We should help each other to protect our seas so that ...we can return the stocks, the fish stocks of the sea,” said Jerry Escape, an officer with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Masinloc.
Despite the stand-off, fishermen here say relations with Chinese fishermen have always been so friendly that in the past they would often barter with each other when fishing far from shore.
They hope that tradition continues next fishing season at the disputed Scarborough Shoals ( Voice of America) 

But folks we couldnt forget the Chinese Media claims that not only the Scarborough Shoal and Spratlys, but the entire Philippines is belongs to China which was a total sign of desperation.

 We all know that there are Fil-Chinese who lived in the Philipines and because of that, some of them posted on their famous newspaper website that the Spralys is belongs to China(Manlia Standard Today, April 2012) which was the Filipino community turned down their heads because of their own son. 

Sabado, Mayo 14, 2011

The Globe Tattoo Annoying Service

After a few weeks of depression during an 800mb policy of globe broadband, now facing a new problem not only the delivery of datas but the connection problems that completely ripped me off while I was in the middle of conversation.

Youtube, Twitter and BBC America, those are the sites usually I visited everyday, those sites have flash videos, pictures and other feature that will reached 1 mb per page, What will happen if the server cannot deliver these datas to your laptop or pc? Only Characters contains letters, symbols and numbers. I don’t know what doomed you will see on your page without these features only letters. I tried to called the customer service hotline 211 for this cause, they ask me what kind of modem I use, I said it’s a Huawei  E153 Tattoo stick, then my profile management , nothings unusual change on my settings. I give them my email, landline phone, address and my alternate mobile number and then the customer representative transferred me to an HR or something. After these, they said that an investigation will be conduct on my area or they find an alternative solution to these problem. But how long ? I have only subcribe to Supersurf50 meaning I have only 24 usage of their services. What will happen to my 55php load, it seems small but for ordinary Juan Dela Cruz it a big crash on their everyday budget. Using Internet in some third world countries including the Philippines is a part of their habit. Imagine how many people encountered this problem in just one day, millions of pesos wasted and taking advantage by the company. If I have enough money to buy an another modem, I will.

Another thing last year, the rewards promo of globe remember the 600points for 4gb usb flash drive? Last February I continue earning points by loading and by share points. Finally on march 18 2011, my points reached 630points and I forgot the keyword of claiming the said flash drive, Gadgets to 4438, after that I receive the message contains the list of gadgets to claim. The 4gb flash drive is still in the list. And when I text the keyword to claim the prize, I receive a message that the keyword is not correct, I tried a couple of times but nothing happened, and when I called the customer service hotline, the representative says- “Pasenya na po sir wala na po yung 4gb na usb flash sa list” but I ask her why the usb 4gb still in the list of gadgets when you text gadgets to 4438? She replied “Ay sir hindi na po dapat lalabas yun sir sa list” and then I dropped the line because I was embarrassed, I expected to claim my rewards before the promo period on March 31 2011(after a couple of days it was extended until april 17 or 20)  After a week I just realized that it was an unfair and fooling people for nothing just to make their business profits grows higher. Again, Profits from fooling people, does the NTC knows about this? Im sure that im not the only one experienced this, or they ignored because they thought that nothing will happen if they complain. Ganito na lang ba?

Jess Vincent Ocheda Anonuevo

Linggo, Abril 24, 2011

Selena Gomez And The Scene North American Tour

The North America Tour is the third concert tour by American band Selena Gomez & the Scene. The tour will promote the band’s third studio album. The show will primarily visit theUnited States. The Scene will be supported on tour by Allstar Weekend.

The tour was announced on March 25, 2011 by Hollywood Records.[1] With nearly 30 shows, the tour will visit the United States during the summer of 2011. The announcement came with the release of the band's latest single, "Who Says". Frontwoman Selena Gomez revealed the band will perform a tribute to Britney Spears. Songs to be included are "...Baby One More Time" and "Toxic". Gomez further states Spears' Dream Within a Dream Tour was the first concert she attended.[2]
To introduce the tour, Gomez stated[3]:
"I am so excited to see my incredible fans on tour. We're working a great production and set lists, including some surprise covers. I want to make sure everyone has a fun time."

The Decaying Sarcophagus of Chernobyl

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant sarcophagus or stone coffin is a massive concreteenvelope surrounding the nuclear reactor unit 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It is designed to halt the release of radiation into the atmosphere following the Chernobyl disasteron April 26, 1986 and encase the most dangerous area.[1][2] The official Russian name is No 4. ukrytiye which means housing or covering as opposed to sarcophagus.[2] The sarcophagus locked in 200 tons of radioactive corium, 30 tons of highly contaminated dust and 16 tons of uranium and plutonium.[1] In 1996 it was deemed impossible to repair the inside of the sarcophagus as radiation levels were estimated to be as high as 10,000röntgens per hour (normal background radiation in cities is usually around 20-50 microröntgens per hour).[3]

The designing of the sarcophagus started on May, 20, 1986. Subsequent construction lasted for 206 days, from June to late November of the same year.[2] The first task before construction started was to build a cooling slab under the reactor to prevent the hot nuclear fuel from burning a hole in the base. Coal minerswere called up to dig the necessary tunnel below the reactor and by June 24, 1986 four hundred coal miners had dug the 168 metre (551 ft) long tunnel.[4] When the building became overly radioactive it became impossible to directly screw down the nuts and bolts or apply any direct welding to the sarcophagus, so this work was done by robots.[1] The seams of the sarcophagus, however, were not properly sealed. The entire construction process consisted of eight stages: clearing and concreting of territory around reactor unit 4, erection of initial ferro-concrete protective walls around the perimeter, construction of separation walls between units 3 and 4, cascade wall construction, covering of the turbine hall, mounting of a high-rise buttress wall, erection of supports and installation of a reactor compartment covering and finally the installation of a ventilation system.
More than 400,000 m3 of concrete and 7,300 tonnes of metal framework were used during the erection of the sarcophagus.[2] The building ultimately enclosed 740,000 m3 of heavily contaminated debris inside,[1] together with contaminated soil.[4] On October 11, 1986 the SovietGovernmental Commission accepted "Conclusion on Reliability and Durability of a Covering Constructions and Radiation Safety of Chernobyl NPP Unit 4 Reactor Compartment".[5] The sarcophagus has over 60 bore holes to allow observation of the interior of the core.[6] In many places the structure was designed to have ventilation shafts to allow some convection inside.[6] Filtration systems have been put in place so that no radioactive material will escape through these holes.[6]
On December 22, 1988 Soviet scientists announced that the sarcophagus would only last 20—30 years before it needed repairing. In 1998, with the help of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a conservation programme was completed which included securing the roof beams from collapsing. Nonetheless the rain-induced corrosion of supporting beams still threatens the sarcophagus's integrity.[4] It was revealed that the water is leaking through the sarcophagus via holes in its roof, becoming radioactively contaminated, and then seeping through the reactor's floor into the soil.[4] In 2013 the New Safe Confinement is expected to replace the existing sarcophagus. The new containment device will allow the sarcophagus to be dismantled and radioactive material to be removed.[7]


Twitter in Some Countries Not Popular

   Some people not using twitter for some reasons, they have influenced by the cultured of addin friends and uploading clips, videos and images on their own profile. These features started by Friendster in the last few years, and MySpace. Using twitter is not popular in the third world countries including the Philippines. Philippines is the most cyber, and most users have dual accounts. Most error on twitter like "You are over the status update limit, Please wait a few hours and try again" I experienced it while i was retweeting tweets from my celebrity status, and i hate it. maybe you also. That's why i have 7 accounts on twitter to always make my followers connected.

Lunes, Abril 18, 2011

The Send Request error in Facebook

Error or not, it still the most annoying and the worst feature of When i tryin to add request to my neighbor about 3 meters away from my house-its close. But the send request filter appear. Do ya think it helps us? Only fool people make their life at risks by tellin them their confidential information to the strangers. hahahaha..

About The Globe Usage Policy

Some of us know about the stupid unlisurf policy of globe-Telecommunication company in the Philippines, the 800mb fair usage policy of globe broadband, it is called unlimited surfing but when i surf about 6 hours of playin online and downloadin some of the youtube videos, my laptop rings and i can't surf or reload the page i eas tryin to view and then i read the message from 8888 that you reached the maximum 800mb. I hope that annoying policy will remove as soon as possible. and i heard before that it was 1gb and now its 800mb.